Wade Construction - Quality Taupo Buildiers

Wade Construction focuses on the following key components of project management:

  • Planning
  • Quality of Work
  • Budget Control
  • Timeframes
  • Communication

The company is made up of a highly skilled team of competent, reliable workers including an office administrator and a quantity surveyor, four site foreman whom are qualified carpenters, five more qualified carpenters, two hammer hands, four building apprentices and three painters.  All of the sub-subcontractors commonly used by Wade Construction are like-minded tradespeople with proven track records for quality workmanship and professionalism and have been preferred suppliers for many years.  Having had a long standing relationship with each sub contractor, Wade Construction is confident that they bring the same dedication to quality and attention to detail to each project as they themselves do.

This high caliber team of tradespeople allows Wade Construction to achieve the highest possible standard of workmanship and to take pride in all of the projects in which they have been involved in. Versatility is key to the success of Wade Construction and to date they have undertaken a variety of projects, some of which are highly complex and unique. Residential projects have included minor renovations and architecturally designed private residences while commercial and industrial jobs have included complete refits of busy restaurant kitchens and large scale tilt panel workshops. Wade has also worked on a variety of civil works construction jobs including roading and subdivision development and are one of the leading concrete contractors in Taupo specializing in tilt panel construction.  Their versatile work history has certainly proven their resourcefulness and adaptability and ensures that they are capable of completing future projects no matter how simple or multifaceted they may be.

Having an office base and workshop located at the Ashwood Business Park, Taupo with a full time Construction Coordinator allows Wade Construction to provide clients with a contact point for enquiry, communication and follow up.  This infrastructure provides both consistency and flexibility in their work as the company completes multiple, complex projects simultaneously.

Certified Builders

Wade Construction is a current member of Certified Builders Association of New Zealand (CBANZ) and has been since 2001.  The purpose of CBANZ is "To provide New Zealand consumers with the assurance that our members are trade qualified builders who adhere to strict guidelines for standards of workmanship and business practice (www.certifed.co.nz). Wade Construction maintains membership with CBANZ to give its clients assurance and is pleased to align itself with a group of like minded builders in New Zealand.  As a member of the CBANZ, clients have the additional reassurance of having the Homefirst Builders 10 Year Guarantee which sets the standard for building warranties. 


Sika develops and supplies concrete admixtures, sealing, bonding, coating, flooring, repair and protection, roofing, strengthening and waterproofing solutions for the construction industry.

Wade Construction Ltd are experienced Sika approved applicators. Wade Construction is approved by Sika (NZ) Limited to apply, in accordance with Sika technical literature, have approved Wade Construction for the following products and systems:

  • Sealants
  • Concrete repair
  • Combiflex
  • Crack injection
  • Water proofing systems
  • Specialist coatings
  • Joint Sealing
  • Flooring - Roll on coatings / SLE
  • Flooring - Trowelled screeds
  • Flooring - Cementitous

Health & Safety

Wade Construction considers the Health and Safety of its staff and contractors absolutely critical and to this end they currently have a robust and constantly improving Health and Safety policy.  For the third year in a row, Wade Construction has obtained the Workplace Safety Management Practices Certificate from ACC.  This certificate is based on standards set by Occupational Health and Safety, Department of Labour.

Quality Assurance

  1. We acknowledge that the Client is entitled to receive a finished product that in all aspects meets or exceeds the quality requirements set out in the contract documents.
  2. We acknowledge that the Client is entitled to expect his/her facility to be complete and without fault at handover.
  3. We acknowledge that the Client is entitled to have any fault, which develops in the defects liability period remedied with minimum delay.
  4. We will work to resolve quality issues as they arise and will only present work for inspection by Consultant or Client, which has been thoroughly checked, and any apparent faults remedied.
  5. Our goal will be to eliminate the need for Client or Consultant sourced defect lists.
  6. Where our work is to be closely integrated with that of another trade, any quality questions relating to that trade will be brought to the Project Manager’s attention immediately, and we will work in a positive and cooperative manner with other parties to help overcome any difficulties.
  7. We understand we are one element of a large team all working to achieve the same goal - quality construction that is to the satisfaction of our Client.