Certified Builders

Certified Builder - The Ultimate Endorsement

Not everyone working as a carpenter within the building Industry has a desire or the skill to operate his or her own building business. In fact being in business can be for many a daunting prospect. Many prefer to be employed by a construction company as a skilled tradesman. But many do aspire to own their own company and be in business for themselves.

So how does the consumer identify a builder, who is in business for themselves, who possess both the skills not only to be a good tradesman but operate a sound business.

The Platinum Card (Business Membership) is the answer. The Business Membership is only for Gold Card members who operate their own business and whose business will benefit from being identified as Certified Builders. That is any person or company who conducts business as a sole trader, a partnership or as a private or public company who carry on the business as builders or building contractors can apply to become Certified Builders. However one must be a Gold Card member or be able to meet the criteria to become a Gold Card member before a building business can seek business membership.

To become a Business Member, the Association requires comprehensive information from the business to build a profile of their reputation and integrity. They require trade / character references from merchants, trade / character references from sub trades and a number of work / character references from customers and clients of the builder. This is a very thorough process.

Once the Association has established the business's reputation and credentials and is satisfied the Business Member has met all membership criteria the business can then be allowed to promote themselves as Certified Builders. The Ultimate Endorsement.

Essentially the Association endorsees the Certified Builders business acumen and workmanship skills

The Certified Builder offers you:

  • 10 year Homefirst Builders Guarantee (on application)
  • Comfort in the knowledge that your builder is trade qualified
  • The protection of consumer friendly Building Contracts - Labour, Full Build, Design & Build and Small Works & Alterations

Certified Builders are thorough trade professionals, who have satisfied strict criteria to become members of the Association. They all carry a special Certified Builder's identity card. Ask to see it. If a builder can't show you this card, it's very likely he's not one of us. You can easily check the membership list here.