Waitetoko Baches

This project consisted of the construction of three unique holiday homes on one large lakefront section located on the eastern shores of Lake Taupo at Waitetoko.  One of the homes was a complete refurbishment that presented numerous design and build challenges.  The other two homes were brand new builds that were architecturally designed to take into account the unique lakefront location.  Included in the construction of this project was extensive landscaping including walkways, retaining, boardwalks, plantings, fencing and themed areas.  Unique to the Waitetoko project was the undertaking that one of the homes was designed and built to showcase a variety of styles based on the architectural progression of the design of the ‘kiwi bach’ over time.  JR Wade was required to tender for this project and key to their successful bid was to undertake to adhere to clear timeframes.  An on site Project Manager, effective communication and experienced, long serving staff allowed the project to be completed on time and within budget.